Wind in The Willows

This week Year 6 performed the classic story ‘Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame. Everyone agreed they did a fantastic job of bringing this tale of friendship and adventure by the river bank to life. We hope you enjoy reading the children’s (very modest!) reviews.

Wind in the Willows Fantastic!      5 stars

I think the Wind in the Willows Production that Year 6 recently did was outstanding. Everyone was singing and dancing and most importantly being very entertaining to the whole of Colman Junior.

The Production is full of action packed fun and has many exciting scenes for you to experience. The River Scene will make your mouth drop! Following that on one song `The Chase Chase’ there is lyrics for you to sing along to, as well as the props for you to look at. If you love animals then you will love this production. I guarantee you that you will not regret watching it.

The adventure began with our 4 friends (Ratty, Mole, Badger, and Toad) in their beloved homes. Mole, who is played amazingly by Ben T, is very busy spring cleaning his little home. Until one day he decides with a `Bother O Blow’ that he has had enough of cleaning and ventures out into the Riverside where is dear friend Ratty is `Messing About In Boats.’ Mole then meets Badger, who is played fantastically by Annie G, in the feared and cold Wild Wood. `POOP POOP’ rang in Toad’s ears and a Motor Car appeared. Now Mole, Ratty and Badger must save Toad before it is too late. What happens next you got to find out yourself. Get your tickets!

By Ben T

Wind in the Willows­­­­ – Review

The year 6 school play which took place on the 9th and 10th of July 2019 was outstanding.

Starting with the 4 main characters played by Ben T aka Mole, Ratty Lauren P, Toad Mahnoor and Annie G Badger. It all started in their homes then they reunited once again Ratty loves messing about in boats and Toad was obsessed with his motor car. Also Mole liked cleaning everywhere and in his home.

I recommend it because I rated it 4 out of 5 and if your friends love adventure stories then you’re in for a treat.

My favourite part is twenty years and the police man aka Callum R

Saying that’s lenient for his cheek

By Callum R.

Wind in the willows

This great play performed by year 6 was amazing , all of the children loved it and  so did I . There were great independent main characters Toad , Mole , Ratty , and Badger however there are some rude ,cruel ,mean characters. If you are having a boring day sitting and watching TV and your children are driving you mad,  you will be more  than happy to hear that Wind in the Willows will turn that frown upside down.  Now let’s talk about what happens with toad and mole, our grateful Toad goes to prison and our harmless mole goes on all sorts of adventures.

I highly recommend this breath taking show for all the family.

by Daniella

Wind in the willows review      An Amazing play

On Wednesday 10th July I was treated to watch the play ‘wind in the willows’ written by Kenneth Grahame but played by Colman Junior School. The four main characters were Ratty (Lauren), Mole (Ben), Toad (Mahnoor), and Badger (Annie). My favourite characters were Rupert played by Darby and Monica played by Annie/Sushma, the Audiences favourite part was the song ‘chase chase’ as there was the words on the screen and an amazing chase on the stage.

By Darby

Wind In The Willows Review

Today we experienced the eye-catching Year 6 play, Wind In The Willows. This is our honest review on the production.

We would give it 5 stars as it was an amazing and unforgettable performance. It’s child friendly and the perfect show to just sit back, relax and watch the show. There is a whole variety of characters but these are our personal favourites: Weasel 1 and Weasel 2. These two characters are played by Lauren and Lottie and they did an INCREDIBLE performance .

By Lauren and Lottie


Author: Kennneth Grahame    Reviewed by: Mahnoor.K.A

The audience of a many people of ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs (you get the picture) squealed and cheered in delight. This week, I was fortunate enough to visit Colman look on as Year 6 cast a wonderful all-time classic that is ‘Wind in the Willows’.

Cursed by a dreaded motor-car spell, wise Badger, humble Ratty and sensible Mole go through many an adventure and places to attempt to break it off the poor Toad. However, when he is suddenly banged up behind bars, what could possibly be left to anticipate?

Badger, Toad, Ratty and Mole have a jolly time exploring round and doing joyous activities (excluding Toad breaking out of jail!) and that made myself have a jolly time! While Badger- played by Annie G-stood out with expression and feeling, Toad, acted by Mahnoor A- stole the spotlight and shone right out with humour and passion.

The production is filled with comedy, heart and tears (in other words, you name it, they got it!), a sleek, powerful River with acrobatic moves and many more. All in all it’s so dazzling and outshining to pick out just 1 favourite scene…

I would definitely recommend it to friends. Hands down, no debating, it’s the best show ever!! ‘I’d say THIS is the life!’

Wind in the Willows

by Sushma and Chelsea

On Tuesday 9th July 2019, both Year 6 classes from Colman Junior made an outstanding, entertaining show about the Wind In The Willows, it was an adventure. The characters were brought to life by the actors. I would definitely recommend this entertaining show.

Are you bored of watching TV every evening and on every channel there’s nothing classical on? Well this eye-catching classic was one of the best all-singing, all-dancing performances ever. In ‘ The Home Sweet Home’ and ‘ Friends Together’ songs were hit by James playing the saxophone and guitar. This creative musical was created the mastermind Kenneth Grahame.

The amazing characters shone brightly on the stage and gave us a night to remember. The main characters were: Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad, of course! There were stoats and weasels in the wild wood and police to keep things under control and also there were two little hedgehogs. The party girls knew how get a party started and the handy narrators helped us fill in some gaps.

The entire play was fantastic but the main highlights were when the ducks did their dance and the stoats ran away from danger as well as when Ratty and Mole had a fun time messing about in boats. Some more were when an upbeat song about toad I court (he stole a motor car) was playing and when the actors who were playing the river did some fantastic gymnastics to go with their poem.

I would recommend this to anybody searching for a classic and I think that you should see it too, so get a ticket and go to see it!

“I would rate this outstanding play 4 ½ out of 5.”- Chelsea

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