Identifying and using adjectives in Year Two

Hi everyone,

Last week we gave you some work to do about nouns, verbs and adjectives. Here is some more work for you to try, this time, especially about adjectives.

Remember that an adjective is used to describe a noun and that when you put them together you can write a noun phrase. For example:

A warm, comfortable bed. ‘Bed’ is the noun and ‘warm, comfortable’ are the adjectives.

First of all, can you find all the adjectives in these sentences?

If you don’t want to print out this sheet, you can just talk to your adult about all the adjectives that you can spot.

Now try your own piece of writing, using noun phrases where you can. We have given you some pictures to describe and some adjectives to help you. Choose your favourite picture and describe the setting, using as many interesting adjectives as possible.

Note to parents: The children have already been introduced to the idea of describing the setting in their own story writing. They have been encouraged to use all their senses e.g. sound and touch, not just sight. Many children find this difficult and it is a skill worth practising. If your child is struggling please work on it together. Talk about the sentences they have written and how they could be improved. Check that they realise they are describing the picture, not writing a story about it. Of course, if your child wants to go on and write their own story afterwards, that would be great too.

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