Year 2 Active Maths Letter

Hi year two,

Here are some games for practising your maths skills whilst keeping active at the same time. Choose one that you think you could do in your house or garden.

Have fun!

Note for parents: Bear in mind when choosing tasks for ‘Jump on it’ which multiplication tables your child should be familiar with.

All children should be able to multiply by 2, 5 and 10.

Many will be able to multiply by 3.

Some will be able to multiply by 4, by doubling and then doubling again.

Of course, all of these activities can be adapted for children of different ages and abilities.

You could try some of these ideas too:

Use a tape measure to check the length, height or width of different things that you find outside.

Find a stick. Now can you find a stick that is twice as long /half as long?

Look for different 2d and 3d shapes in your garden. Which shapes are easy to find? Which ones are difficult?

Look for shapes in nature that are symmetrical.

Use objects that you find in the garden to create arrays. Use them to practise your multiplication skills.

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