Year 2 Fun English activities!


How are you all? I hope you are keeping safe and well. 

Here are some ideas for fun activities at home. 

Make a toy school 

  1. Choose which toys are going to be in your class.  
  1. Can you make a register? What are you going to teach them? Make a plan. 
  1. Which book are you going to read? Can you write questions about the book? 
  1. Can you think of a menu for lunches? Some of your toys may be vegetarian or not eat some foods so don’t forget about them! Work out how many toys you have and how many different lunches you need. 
  1. Which topic are you going to teach? Write a presentation to present to your toy class. Draw pictures to help them to understand. 
  1. Write a set of class rules for your toys. 
  1. Give them some maths activities to do- write a worksheet for them with clear instructions. 
  1. Can you write a story for your class about their favourite thing? Dinosaurs, mermaids, unicorns? Remember-character, setting, problem and resolution.  
  1. How long does your school day last? How many hours. When is break time and lunch time? Can you make a timetable? 

Don’t forget to make little books for your class- you can use paper from the recycling if you ask your grown up.  

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