Year 1 Home Learning Summer Term

Dear Maple and Beech Class,

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. We do miss you all!

Our new topic is Amazing Animals!


The Storm Whale. We have uploaded the story for you to read. After you have read the story, can you paint or draw your own storm whale? Can you write a story about finding your own storm whale? Use the booklet template online or make your own.

If you lived by the sea, can you write a diary entry about finding a storm whale, what would you do?

Do you have any amazing pets that you have at home? Can you write a story about them? What do they eat and how do you look after them?

Can you see any animals from your window? Blackbirds? Cats? Dogs? Can you write about them?

Phonics and Reading

We have uploaded a list of phonics words to read, including alien words. Please keep exploring books and enjoy reading to each other! We have also included the Year 1 Common Exception Words, please learn to read and spell these important words.

Science and Geography


Animals are amazing, can you name all the different types of animals? Use the sorting activity to help. Can you cut out the pictures and sort the animals?  There is also an activity where you can complete the missing details on the Animal Group Sheet.  Have you any animals at home that you can add?   

Do you know which ones eat meat (carnivores) and which ones eat plants (herbivores) and which ones eat both (omnivores). Use this link to watch a BBC video about what animals eat or use the fact sheet enclosed.


What do you know about the oceans? Use the fact sheet to help you and try the short quiz on oceans too! To help you there is a world map and a blank map that needs labelling. Can you add some animals? Which animals live in our oceans?  Use the Under the Sea word mat to help you!  BBC – Oceans



Can you continue to practise counting to 100 (and beyond if you can!). Can you count backwards as well as forwards? Can you count from any given number?

Use a hundred square to help or a number line. Choose any number; can you count on from it? Can you count back from it?

Use the tens and ones place value grid to help you. Can you say how many tens and how many ones there are in the number you have chosen?

Can you draw a part whole model to partition any number? Can you use the numbers to make a number sentence?

There is a snakes and ladders addition game to 20 and a Crack the Code Under the Sea Maths Puzzle to solve!

We have also included an introduction to measurement – length and height, you can find this online on page 118 of the Power Maths pages Year 1 Textbook B.

 (when you click on the link it will then ask you to click to accept terms and conditions, then click continue to take you to the textbook)

You could ask a grown up to help you measure things at home.

Art and craft

Can you make an animal? If you have plasticine, playdoh or junk modelling things, you could make your own animal. You could make your own world under the sea using an old box! Try making the folding tiger, you can print it off, colour it in, cut it out and fold it to make it stand!

We hope you enjoy these ideas and that you all keep safe and well.

From Mrs Finlay and all the staff at Colman Infant School!

Useful Website

The BBC has also produced some excellent resources on their learning zone and include daily lessons which cover important aspects that we have learnt in the classroom which you could revisit such as :

Counting on and back in 2s

Representing numbers within 50

When to use question marks

Using descriptive words

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