Noah Letter for Year 3

Year 3 children who were in Laurel Class last year and worked on the Nrich problem ‘Noah’ might be interested to know that we did get a mention on the website. I have copied what was published or you can look on the website using this link:

Unfortunately, no pictures of your wonderful work were included. 
The year 2 children in Laurel Class at Colman Infant School Norfolk worked on this problem and the teacher sent in the following:- 
We decided to personalise the problem to fit in with our recent trip to Hickling Broad nature reserve In Norfolk. The children were amused by the idea that Noah might have visited Hickling and were all eager to get started. 
As a class we looked at how there could be 2 creatures with 12 legs. We quickly established that there could either be 2 ladybirds or a spider and a mouse. We decided that this meant there would probably be more than one way of having three, four or five creatures etc. From then on the children worked with a partner. Some children worked on 12 legs and others on a more ambitious 18. They began by drawing pictures of the animals and making a zig-zag book. This was a way into the problem that made sense to everyone. All the children worked enthusiastically. Having pictures also meant that the children didn’t use the same combination of animals twice as is often the case when just using numbers. (E.g. 6+4+2=12 and 2+6+4=12)

The idea was to work systematically to find as many different ideas as possible. Some children began to realise that they could use one answer to inform another. For example, if you had 1 ladybird, 1 mouse and 1 duck you could work out 4 creatures by exchanging a mouse for 2 ducks or a duck for 2 snails.

Later in the week the children looked at their booklets and realised that there were still a lot more answers to find. They were encouraged to work in a more abstract way but could still refer to their numbers as spiders, ladybirds, mice, ducks or snails. This is where they really began to work systematically. They were keen to find as many answers as possible. 

Thank you all at Laurel, sounds good 

Best wishes 

Mrs Harrison 

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