Stars of the Week

CIS Stars of the Week

Stars of the Week 17th and 24th January 2020

Holly Class Stars of the Week:


For being a really enthusiastic member of Holly Class who enjoys being busy in the classroom. He often wows us with his knowledge of the world and shares his great vocabulary with us. Keep it up Elis!


For always being so helpful and polite. Aziz is always kind to other children and is one of the first to tidy up the classroom when asked. Well done Aziz!


 For working so well in her Read Write Inc. group. Eva has been working really hard to learn the letter sounds and on her blending skills too. Keep it up Eva!

Willow Class Stars of the Week:


For her great attitude to learning. Sarah always tries her best and is always ready for a new challenge. She really enjoys school and is a happy, hard-working member of the class. Keep it up!


For his great attitude in school. Toby is kind and helpful and always greets his friends with a smile. He is eager to show us work he has done at home and at school, and is able to explain what he has done with great enthusiasm. Keep it up Toby!

Beech Class Stars of the Week:


For becoming more confident and independent in many aspects of her learning. Alice confidently organises her radio aid in class, so that she can be ready to learn. Her mature attitude enables her to get on with any task, especially in PE where her independence really shines through. Alice is also a super caring and loyal friend. We are all very proud of you!


For being extremely conscientious and hardworking. She is a keen and interested learner who always tries her best.  Being a brilliant listener enables her to achieve and be successful both in the classroom and in Gymnastics and Dance. Ada’s confidence has really grown - she is now putting up her hand and happily sharing her ideas with the class. Well done – you are a super role model!


For working really hard with his handwriting, producing exceptionally neat, beautifully formed letters. The content has also been interesting and well thought through, with finger spaces – perfect! Alex is able to achieve all this as well as use fantastic punctuation! Well done Alex, you are a star!


For being a great listener and always trying her best. Cyannah knows how to be ready to learn and consistently makes green choices. She is kind and caring. In PE this week she demonstrated a perfect forward roll maintaining brilliant control and coordination – Fantastic!

Maple Class Stars of the Week:


For trying really hard to do his best. Rudie is making an effort to complete writing and maths activities and is starting to produce some fantastic work.


For being a brilliant role model. Rocco always knows what to do next, how to behave, how to help and how to be a good friend. Well done Rocco, we are very proud of you.


For his enthusiasm, Theo is always interested in what we are learning. Theo works quietly and steadily, thinking about what he is writing and not rushing his work. He likes to join in discussions and is eager to share his ideas. Well done Theo, keep up the enthusiasm !


For always working hard and listening to feedback which has helped her improve her writing. Penny is always keen to try things, like after school clubs, and loves to share news and facts. Keep up the hard work Penny!

Laurel Class Stars of the Week:


For his excellent attitude to learning. Trey always works with interest and enthusiasm. He is a good partner to others. He speaks articulately, often explaining his ideas to the rest of the class. A great start to the Spring term.


Everyone appreciates Max because he is always kind, friendly and helpful. This term he has astonished us with his knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife during our topic about meerkats in Africa.


Sam is growing in confidence. This term we have noticed that he is making a special effort to answer questions and explain his ideas clearly to the class. Well done Sam!


For making a special effort with his reading and writing skills. This week in ‘Big Write’ he wrote a wonderful letter which had lovely ideas as well as accurate spelling and punctuation; he even remembered the question mark.

Sycamore Class Stars of the Week:


For really concentrating and listening this week. He seems to be fully focused and has been coming up with great ideas. Fabulous.


For really trying in our whole class guided reading lessons even though she finds it tricky. Keep trying - you can do it!


For trying really hard to improve his writing. Noah is growing in confidence and is producing some excellent work. Well done Noah!


For working hard in school and at home. Amie has been finding out lots of facts about Kenya at home as well as working on her Maths. Fabulous Amie, keep it up!

MSA Star of the Week


For being kind and caring and helping new people to ‘settle in’ at school. Well done Jacob!

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