Year 3

Year 3 helpful information:

Please ensure these items are brought into school on the following days:

Monday Reading Record, Spelling books and Maths homework
Monday Indoor P.E Kit
Tuesday Swimming/Games Kit
Wednesday Library Books

Reading records:
Please write the date, name of the book, page numbers and make a comment about the part you read. What happened? What did you think of it? Why? What questions did it make you ask yourself? Did it remind you of anything?  Please make a note of any new words you encounter too. Your parent/carer can also make comments about your reading here. Even if you write the comments yourself, please ask your parent or carer to sign your reading record before you bring it in each Monday.

Please bring homework into school on Monday to be marked and we will make sure you have your new homework to take home on Tuesday.

Spelling Books:
You will be set ten new words to practise each week. Please make sure you have your book in school for a short test every Monday. Then take the book home again to practise your new words.

We can’t wait to welcome you to 3SK and 3LK this September. We have got a really exciting year planned with lots of fun activities and Topics including Local Explorers, Egyptians and Nature in Norfolk! We know it will feel very different for all of you, joining a new school with new teachers but we will all be here to support and help you with the transition into a new school!

Our first topic will be Local Explorers, where we learn lots about map work, compasses, orienteering, and lots of really exciting art. In the Spring term, we learn lots about the Egyptians! We get to do lots of fun activities like mummifying tomatoes, making canopic jars, as well as building Shaduf’s and learning Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the Summer term we will look at Nature in Norfolk and learn lots about different wildlife, art and nature.

Here are some links if you want to begin to research about our first topic, Local Explorers and explore the ‘Bewilderwood’ story!

If you have any worries or concerns, please do get in touch. We can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to Colman Junior School.

Have a wonderful summer and we will see you all in September!

Mr Kirkham, Miss Kinna, Mrs Goldsmith and Mrs Gooch.

Mr Kirkham

Likes: Football, running, golf, Norwich City, reading, travelling and cooking.

Most looking forward to: Meeting our new Year 3s and learning lots about the Egyptians!


Miss Kinna

Likes: Gardening, reading, travelling and learning new things!

Most looking forward to: Getting to know everyone in 3LK and 3SK and learning all about Maps.

Mrs Goldsmith

Likes: Baking, socialising, camping, spending time with my family and going for walks by the beach.

Most looking forward to: getting to know everyone in year 3, and joining in with all the fun activities in computing.

Mrs Gooch

Likes: I am a big fan of books and love reading whenever I can!  I love animals and being outside so taking my dog for a walk in different places is something I always enjoy just as much as him. I also really like playing tennis and going for bike rides with my family.

Most looking forward to: meeting my new class and exploring the Nature in Norfolk topic in the summer term.

Mrs Lovett

Likes: I love reading, writing, sewing, wildlife, cats, pond dipping, coffee, chocolate and BOOKS!

Most looking forward to: Meeting everyone in year 3!

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

Colman Infant School
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Colman Junior School
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