Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We can’t wait to welcome you back to school in September! There is so much to look forward to and we have got an exciting year in store for you. We can’t wait to start working with you! We know it might seem strange at first having been away from school for so long and we will be ready to welcome you back and support you with your transition into Year 6.

Year 6 helpful information:

Please ensure these items are brought into school on the following days:

Monday Reading Records, Spelling books,  Maths & English homework
Wednesday PE Kit (usually indoor)
Friday TALK Homework

Reading records:
Please write the date, name of the book, colour level if it has one, page numbers and make a comment about the part you read. What happened? What did you think of it? Why? What questions did it make you ask yourself? Did it remind you of anything?  Please make a note of any new words you encounter too. Your parent/carer can also make comments about your reading here. Even if you write the comments yourself, please ask your parent or carer to sign your reading record before you bring it in each Monday.

Please bring homework into school on Monday to be marked and we will make sure you have your new homework to take home on Thursday.

Spelling Books:
You will be set ten new words to practise each week. Please make sure you have your book in school for a short test every Monday. Then take the book home again to practise your new words.

Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars:
Learning our times tables are always important but they are particularly important in Year 6 Please ensure you are having a go at each of these at least once a week outside of school time. Complete any 'sessions' set by staff, usually involving Garage games (short focus on limited number of facts identified as those you next need to learn, and Studio games (these involve all table facts, but are useful to consider speed and accuracy in answering ).

Meet Team Year 6!

Mr Genders

Likes: football – mainly Norwich City (eeek!), going to the beach, cycle rides, coffee (my teacher fuel) summer (sun, sea, bbqs, light evenings)

Most looking forward to: getting to know my new class and being back in Year 6.

Mr Furlong

Likes: football and sport in general, an occasional run, reading, walking, visiting the coast.

Most looking forward to: a proper haircut, and getting back to some ‘normal’ school days.


Mrs Davis

Likes: gardening (and sitting in the sun), walking, spending time with my family (and my cats)

Most looking forward to: The summer holidays (I’ve been in school lots and very busy) and meeting you all in September.

Mrs Ablewhite (6DG)

Likes: The Great Outdoors, camping ( in particular sitting round a campfire with good friends), swimming in the sea or walking next to it, playing tennis, bike rides with my family.

Most looking forward to: Going camping! Also I worked with a lot of you when you were in Year 4 so seeing how much you have grown up and welcoming you back in September and working with Mr Genders again of course!

Mrs Chandler (6SF)

Likes: going to the coast, riding my bike, reading,  eating and cooking, although mainly desserts, clay pigeon shooting,  I love cake and chocolate! I really enjoy going abroad on holiday.

I dislike housework! Haha

Most looking forward to: being in year 6 again and having a normal school day!

Ms Scarf

Likes: travelling ( my favourite country so far is New Zealand).  I also like watching tennis but unfortunately can’t play it, walking and reading thrillers.

Most looking forward to: working with the same class in year 6.

What will we be up to?

Year 6 is great. There’s the responsibility of being the eldest in the school but that comes with lots of fun stuff too like great trips, plays and of course getting to sit on the benches in assembly.

We also do loads of fun topics. Starting off in the Autumn term we learn all about the Victorians and how they influenced the world we live in today – from Christmas stocking to ice cream! We read a great book called Street Child which is set in the Victorian era. Then in Spring our topic is Islands, where we study some interesting islands including our own. Finally in the last term there is our Survival topic which includes the 5iver challenge and working on the Year 6 school play.

We hope you’re as excited about Year 6 next year as we are. See you in September.

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

Colman Infant School
Colman Road, Norwich NR4 7AW

Colman Junior School
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