Anti-bullying week – Beech class

During this half-term, we celebrated being ‘united against bullying’ by wearing odd socks, designing our very own odd socks and a class pledge of what we can do in Beech class to make sure we are all safe, happy and respectful of others. We talked about how it is great to be different from each other and the children decided it would be boring if we were all the same. Matthew said we would be “like copies of each other and that’s boring”. We talked about what things we do have that are the same about us all (all live in Norfolk, all go to Colman Infant School, all in Beech class) and then things that are different to each other (some people have a pet cat, some people are Jewish, some people are taller, some people have different colour skin, some people don’t like bananas, some people have brown eyes, some people have a brother, some people come to school in a car) and we liked talking about all of our differences much more. Grace even said, “All the things that are different are all special things” and I think that perfectly summed up the week for us.


Well done Beech class!

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