Maple Class Ready to Learn

In Maple class this month, we are thinking about being Ready to Learn. It is great to see the children enter school and the classroom confidently and with big smiles on their faces. Everyone has quickly adapted to the routines and rhythms of the school day and all the adults in maple class are very impressed with the children’s high standard of behaviour and ability to focus.

We have been learning about 3D shapes, having lots of fun in PE and creating our own maps, symbols and keys in Geography- check out these impressive creations!

We have also been learning about money by wearing our money belts. Each child has one of these, which is stocked each week with coins totalling 20p. Children can ‘pay’ for time on the ipad (3p for 5 minutes), different activities or craft materials. Using the money belts helps teach the value of different coins and gives the children a practical reason to add and subtract. We soon worked out that we have to budget or our money will quickly run out! This week, we discussed ways to ‘earn’ extra coins by doing jobs around the classroom.

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

Colman Infant School
Colman Road, Norwich NR4 7AW

Colman Junior School
South Park Avenue, Norwich NR4 7AU