Maple Class Spring

In Maple class, we have been looking for signs of spring – and we are very happy to feel the sun on our faces! We have been busy sowing seeds, caring for the resulting  shoots and eagerly anticipating harvesting lots of delicious vegetables. We our also enjoying learning outside and using the improved outside area. We know now have a small stage (very popular for impromptu performances – and air guitar competitions!), a water play area, a sand kitchen and of course, our guinea pigs.We are very impressed with how the children care for the guinea pigs: they are great at checking that the pets have enough food and drink and always talk softly nearby so the guinea pigs don’t get scared.
Out topic this half term is the Big Blue. We have started the topic by learning about continents and oceans around the world. Here we are researching where hot and cold places are, in relation to the Equator and the Poles, and presenting our findings to the class.We have started learning about the largest mammal on Earth- the Blue Whale, and we are excited about learning about other underwater creatures.

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

Colman Infant School
Colman Road, Norwich NR4 7AW

Colman Junior School
South Park Avenue, Norwich NR4 7AU