Year 1 visit the Sea Life Centre

On Tuesday 6th July, Year 1 travelled to Great Yarmouth to visit the Sea Life Centre. We were excited to see lots of the marine animals that we have learnt about in our topic, ‘The Big Blue’: jellyfish, rays and even a crocodile! We explored the tropical ocean tunnel display, spotting sharks, triggerfish and our favourite, Noah the giant green sea turtle.  We learnt all about the importance of protecting the oceans to ensure the survival of marine creatures and thought about ways we could help.  

Some of our favourite quotes heard throughout the day were: 

“I loved the penguins…when I tapped my finger on the glass, they waved back!” 

“I saw a hammerhead shark and a blacktip reef shark.” 

“My favourite thing was the touching the animals in the rockpool. Some were slimy but some were spiky!” 

“We all had a yummy ice cream after lunch!”
When we got back to school, we wrote recounts of our trip (using time openers and conjunctions) and here is some of what the children wrote:
First, we went on the coach to go to the Sea Life Centre because we are learning about the sea. Second, we got off the coach and we were very excited. Next, we saw some jellyfish and the tank kept turning different colours. The jellyfish were pale and big. After that we went in the tunnel, and I saw a giant turtle. The turtle’s shell was green, and the body was brown. Then we went to the rock pool where we touched a peach starfish and it felt spongey. We also touched a red squishy anemone. Last we had lunchtime and ice cream. After that we came home on the coach. I had a fun day! (Written by Aziz, Sarah, Quentin, Ellie, Charlie, Matt D, Kian and Grace)

We were so proud of all the children for the brilliant questions they asked and the respectful behaviour they showed and we’re very happy they had such a good first school trip. Well done Year 1! 🙂

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

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