School Uniform



Our school colours are red, black, white and grey. This takes the form of a red or black top and grey skirt or trousers. We sometimes ask for a white blouse or shirt to be worn for special occasions.

Children need a change of clothes for PE and games. This should be:

  • PE shoes (plimsolls) - slip-ons are easiest for children to manage-no trainers please
  • Plain dark coloured shorts and white tee shirt

PE clothes and plimsolls should be kept in a named drawstring bag on your child's peg throughout the week.

School sweatshirts and fleeces, PE bags and bookbags can be purchased on line from Birds of Dereham: or online from

Please do not send your child to school in jeans or football strip. Please make sure that their shoes are appropriate for work and play. High heels for girls are not suitable.

Jewellery is not encouraged. We cannot take any responsibility for jewellery that your child might wear to school. Earrings, especially those that hang or are in loops, can be dangerous when working on the PE apparatus, playing games or swimming. Please be aware that following ear piercing children are not able to swim for a period of 6 weeks.

In the interest of safety, children will be asked to remove all jewellery, including earrings, when taking part in the above activities during lesson time. Please teach your child to remove and replace his/her earrings. If they are unable to do this, then earrings will be covered with hypoallergenic tape during PE and games sessions.


All our uniform is being supplied by Birds of Dereham ( or from Tesco (

Birds of Dereham provide free delivery to school. Just select free to school and use the code COL15.


We place great emphasis on children wearing the correct school uniform each day; our uniform is practical, smart and supports positive behaviour and discipline, as well as promoting a sense of belonging and pride in our school. We expect every child to be wearing the following clothes:

  • A plain red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
  • Black or grey trousers/skirt/pinafore (black/grey shorts or a red gingham dress is allowed in warm weather)
  • A white blouse/shirt or white /red polo shirt
  • Black/grey/white/red tights/socks (no patterns please)
  • Black shoes or plain, flat, black boots (sandals with closed toes and heels may be worn in warm weather)

Leisure/sports wear, such as trainers, hoodies and jogging bottoms, are not acceptable as everyday uniform. Uniform with the school badge is not essential but can be purchased at

Financial support for the purchase of school uniform may be available from Anguish’s Educational Foundation. For more information, please telephone 01603 621023.

Children who are not wearing school uniform will be reminded of the school standards and expected to address this quickly. Please help your child by ensuring that your child conforms to the school’s dress code. Where uniform issues are not addressed quickly, we will contact you directly.


In the interests of hygiene, children should have a complete change of clothing for P.E. and games lessons. We expect every child to wear the following:

  • Shorts, plain vest/t-shirt(in house colour). T-shirts with logos or designs are not acceptable.
  • Plimsolls for PE and trainers for games.
  • In colder weather, track suits in a plain, dark colour may be worn
  • For swimming, a one-piece swimming costume (girls) and trunks (boys), swimming hat, bath-size towel and a comb/brush. Please do not send in sprays or talcum powder unless prescribed by a doctor, as these can trigger asthma attacks.

P.E. kits should be brought in to school on Mondays and left in school for the week, returning home on Fridays for washing. Children who do not have P.E. kit in school will be reminded of the school standards and expected to address this quickly. Please help your child by ensuring that your child has the right PE and swimming kit in school when they need it. Where PE kit issues are not addressed quickly, we will contact you directly.


Jewellery should not be worn to school, with the exception of watches and simple ear studs. The wearing of make-up by children in school is not permitted, including nail varnish. As with uniform and P.E. kit, children who wear make-up or nail varnish to school will be asked to remove it for the next school day; if it is not removed, we will contact you directly.


Please make sure that all your child’s personal belongings are clearly named. This includes shoes, coats and lunchboxes. We gather a substantial amount of lost property each term and it is much easier to return things to their rightful owner if they have been named. Please ensure that your child does not bring expensive items, such as iPods or Nintendo DS, into school. Mobile phones are not permitted in school.

Headteacher - Mrs Sandford
Chair of Governors - Mr Ed Rose

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