Year 1 September 2020

Hi everyone!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you into Beech class and Maple class in September and showing you around our new and improved outdoor area. Mrs Cracknell has been hard at work painting benches, setting up a Loose Parts play area and removing scratchy, thorny plants so we have more space to play and explore outside.

We are also making some changes to the classrooms so that we have plenty of room for interesting, hands-on learning activities. Hopefully this will also ease the transition from Reception into Year 1 as the classroom set up will be familiar.

We know this has been a strange year but we are really excited about meeting you all and enjoying a new year of learning through play and discovery.

The Year 1 Team

Name: Mrs Cracknell

Likes: The colours orange and purple, dinosaurs, chocolate, painting, dancing and playing games.

Funny fact about me: I LOVE shoes - I have more than 30 different pairs!

Most looking forward to in Year 1: Learning all of your names, building lots of cool things with you at our new loose parts play area and helping you to help look after our Year 1 pets.

Name: Mrs Bawler

Likes: Westie dogs (I have 2!) baking, reading and going on holiday. I like staying up late at night too.

Funny fact about me: I have never ever broken a bone in my body!

Most looking forward to in Year 1: Being in Beech class with all of you and learning more about toys because that's part of one of our topics this year.

Name: Miss Nobbs

Likes: Going for walks and bike rides but I love to bake! My favourite things to bake are cookies, brownies and cakes.

Funny fact about me: I snore really loudly!

Most looking forward to in Year 1: Meeting all of the children in Year 1 and doing arts and crafts.

Hello! I'm Ms Gardner and I am really looking forward to being your teacher in Year 1. We are going to have a lot of fun exploring, discovering and learning together.

As my name suggests, I like gardening and being outdoors. I am not that great at gardening yet but I know that if I keep trying, I will get better. I have just harvested my first-ever crop of carrots, spring onions and potatoes. Perhaps we can start a vegetable patch at school: what do you think we should grow?

I have to keep a careful eye on my two guinea pigs, Gracie and Gretel, as they like to munch the carrot tops when they wander about the garden. Gracie and Gretel often come to visit me at school so hopefully you will be able to meet them too.

I absolutely love stories: reading books, creating comic strips, crafting home-made books, telling stories. One of my favourite things is to make up a story with my friends and act it out.

I also really enjoy learning about Science because I think it is fun to learn about the world around us - and to perform experiments!

I am really looking forward to meeting you and learning all about your favourite things.

Have a fantastic summer.

Ms Gardner

Untitled 1

My name is Miss Garratt. Most of you will know me from reception, either in Willow class or outside playing on the bikes and building obstacle courses.

I enjoy reading and have a massive bookcase at home full of my favourite books, including stories about wizards, animals, dinosaurs and the Mr. Men. If you have been on the story corner section of the school website, you will know that Mr. Men stories are my favourite. I could read them all day and never be bored!

At home I do a lot of cooking for my family. My favourite thing to make is lasagne because I love pasta and I can put in lots of yummy vegetables. I also like making and decorating cupcakes, especially when I get to eat the leftover icing!

I am really excited to see you all again and get to know some of you more. Maybe you could share your favourite story with me when we see each other in September. Have an amazing summer.

Interim Executive Headteacher - Catherine Wright
Chair of Governors - Karen Gardner

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