At Colman we seek to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Our curriculum equips pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding of both locational and place knowledge and the human and physical aspects of geography. Geographical enquiry is at the core of our geography curriculum and pupils are encouraged to ask questions about and investigate the world around them.

Fieldwork is an essential part of the geography curriculum and, where possible, we endeavour to provide opportunity to develop skills and understanding through first-hand experience and practical work.

We are a truly global school with many pupils coming to us from around the world. We celebrate this diversity and seek to encourage every child in their journey to become a global citizen.

Residential Visits

Throughout their time at Colman Junior School, the children have the opportunity to go on two residential visits.

In the autumn term, Year 6 spend a week at the Brancaster Activity Centre on the North Norfolk coast.

Each spring, Year 4 enjoy a three-day residential visit to Hilltop, North Norfolk where they take part in a range of outdoor activities. Here they are completing the orienteering challenge.

Also, in the autumn term, the whole school take part in a mini-orienteering challenge in the school grounds with Adrian Hall from Active Outdoor Discovery. This is a great introduction to basic map reading and compass work.

Interim Executive Headteacher - Catherine Wright
Chair of Governors - Karen Gardner

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