Georgia O’Keeffe

As one of our creative challenges this week, we created our own versions of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Starlit Night. Using carefully placed masking tape we were able to paint over to create our night sky and then when it was peeled off it revealed the negative space left as stars! Some of us had a go at creating our own version on the i-pad.


Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at multiplication in Maths. We started with a focus on creating equal groups. There are _____ equal groups of _______. 

Mars Rover!

This morning we entered the hall to find a crash site! We had to identify what we could see, decide where we thought it had come from and what it could be. We had some really good predictions and when we went to read our new book ‘Curiosity’ we all decided that it had to be a Mars Rover!

Anglo Saxon Visitor!

This afternoon, we had a very special visitor in Year 4. His name was Wuffa (pronounced Oova) and he told us that he was a Saxon King! He was dressed as a Saxon, wearing simple leather shoes, leg protectors, breeches and two tunics. Wuffa brought in a range of Saxon objects to show us, including weapons, sheepskins, a glass cup and chain mail. We asked him many questions including; ‘How did Saxons’ clean their teeth?’ (With water) and ‘How big was the average village?’ (Usually, villages had around 25 people). We were then allowed to hold and try on the objects Wuffa had brought and ask more questions.

We really enjoyed meeting our Anglo- Saxon visitor!

Times Table Songs

Here you can enjoy singing along to the times table songs we sing in class. Try and sing along to them once a week to help you recall multiplication facts!

Peter Thorpe Paintings

In Year Two, as part of our learning about space, we looked at paintings from the artist Peter Thorpe. The children then used water colour paints and their outlining skills to create their own painting in the style of Peter Thorpe. We were really impressed with the effort from the children, and the fantastic artwork that they produced.

Marvellous Maths in Year 1

We have made a great start to the year. In Maths, we are thinking about how whole numbers can be split into 2 parts, and using this information to help us add efficiently and quickly.

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